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Pro-care for all your hosting tasks

Do you want to save time while earning more money? Or simply have someone you can trust to help you get the best service for your short-term rental home?

All you need to do is let us know and we’ll take care of  your rental success. The hospitality market is ever-evolving and professional partnership is essential.



What do Olive Clients say?


Olive guys provide me with genuine peace of mind. Not only I don’t have to be available at all times to my guests, but I am always assured that the best service is constantly in play and my property runs it’s full potential.


Olive homes rock!

Olive Partners include:

What are we about?


We use state-of-art industry knowledge & expertise, translating it into simplicity, both for you and your guests.

You can always understand what is going on, and have it all so clear that you don’t even think about it.


We inform y-our guests about what they can do to make their small contribution to the local environment, and motivate you to co-create options for your guests to do so. 

By establishing connection with the home and contact with neighbours we further guide our guests to embrace the city in their own respective style and desire.


Our check-listed quality standards enriched by your custom requirement ensure of 5-star cleanlines for every single guest.

No hidden costs. No small letters. Everything clear from the beginning. 



In Olive Homes, the passing of knowledge to the people that work with us and for us is essential. We want the owners to know about the business they are engaging into. We want to educate them, in simple words, in everything that is going on behind curtains.

Top Quality Service

Choose among our range of services or get the Full Package.

Always personalised to guests and personal to your needs.

On-Line Services

On-Site Services

Pricing strategy

Our goals are to meet your goals. Knowing your desired results we can help you achieve it accross the 12 months in the vibrant vacation rental market.

Laundry Coordination

Having those crisp bed-sheets ready for every guest, with all the hotel quality textiles. Quality wash & rental. Paid by guests cleaning fee.

Multi-channel Yield Management

We work with the key booking sites including Aibrnb,, Homeaway, TripAdvisors and several others. We watch them and adjust the selling strategy on our own.

Legislation Fulfillment

Home - Guest book, Guests registration to Foreign Police, City tax payments, Tax optimisations, and other official requirements take care of, while you enjoy the bright side.

What about your-self?

Thinking about

Short-term renting?

Hosting all by Yourself?



Do you hire a management





Would you like us to speak with the guests just like you would? Would you like a more formal tone, or a distended one? Do you want an informative approach or a colloquial one? We can adapt to your way of communicating.



You can take advantage of our international team. We offer communications in English, Spanish, French and Czech.



24x7 support, both for guests and owners. We want you to know what we do and how we work. We not only want to make the best out of your property, we also want you to see how we do it.

More Guests. More Money.

Make your home international

We can set up your listing in every major platform. Get more guests from all around the world and more income without any extra work.

Dynamic pricing

Getting the best out of your property means to be able to adapt to the market’s demands at the different times of the year and availability situations. We will make sure you have as many marks on your listings calendar as possible.

Turn your guests into clients

A guests that leaves your home happy is a guest that will return. We achieve this not only by offering a great place to stay, but also the feeling of home.

Create Quality.

+ Customized Pricing Strategy 

+ Personal access 4 any changes

+ Everyday Price updated Everyday

+ Multi-channel Marketing

+ Local channels marketings

+ Social Media marketing

+ Airbnb Super-host Guarantee

+ Taxing and Legislation Guides

+ Reviews & Stay Extensions

“I cannot explain it in any words. It’s ‘perfect’ place for Prague trip. You realize the meaning of ‘perfect’, if you stay there. Highly recommend!!”

Woo Seong

I have never experienced such attentionate hosts! They replied anytime to any questions We had, gave us loads of recommendations, it made our stay in Prague very special!!Thank you


We had a truly great stay here! The beds are comfortable and the rooms spacious. The kitchen is very well equipped. Katerina and Honza are friendly and quick to respond to any messages. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Strongly recommend it to anybody visiting Prague!


How to AI Pricing

Can we get around the regular watch-dog with industry’s leading AI data ineligence?

How to AI Pricing

Can we get around the regular watch-dog with industry’s leading AI data ineligence?

How to AI Pricing

Can we get around the regular watch-dog with industry’s leading AI data ineligence?

How to AI Pricing

Can we get around the regular watch-dog with industry’s leading AI data ineligence?

Customized Pricing to Your Needs

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